[ka-Map-users] way to version 1.1

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Aug 30 09:59:45 EDT 2007

On 30-Aug-07, at 9:06 AM, Daniel Morissette wrote:

> Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>>> hi Lorenzo,
>>> do you think there will be any problems between ka-map and mapserver
>>> v. 5 ? (except the expected changes needed in the mapfiles) ?
>>> sacha
>> Hi Sacha,
>> honestly I have no idea about it.
>> Daniel, or others in this list, can maybe give us an idea if  
>> Mapscript will significantly change in version 5 and if ka-Map  
>> will be affected.
> MapServer 5.0 has a bunch of mapfile changes and a few deprecated  
> members and methods in MapScript. I think ka-Map's use of PHP  
> MapScript is fairly simple stuff so there may not be any problem  
> with the scripts, mostly with mapfiles.
> That being said, I didn't try ka-Map with 5.0 and don't think I'll  
> have time anytime soon. Someone should try it with an eye on the  
> migration guide and report their success/failures here.
> http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/development/release_plans/ 
> mapserver_5_0/migration_guide_410_50
> Um... I just thought of one thing: the scale -> scaledenom change  
> may have an impact on ka-Map since it probably uses them. The old  
> scale members still exist in PHP MapScript but are deprecated so ka- 
> Map should switch to use the new scaledenom members when it aims to  
> support 5.0.
> Daniel
> -- 
> Daniel Morissette
> http://www.mapgears.com/

Daniel, there is a comment in the code:

/* Tell MapServer to not render labels inside the metaBuffer area
  * (new in 4.6)
  * TODO: Until MapServer bugs 1353/1355 are resolved, we need to
  * pass a negative value for "labelcache_map_edge_buffer"
$oMap->setMetadata("labelcache_map_edge_buffer", -$metaBuffer);

Do you know if this will change in 5.0?

Also, it would be convenient if there was a way in mapscript (all  
languages) to do something like:

if (ms_VersionLessThan(5,0,0)) {
} else {

Obviously it is possible to write something in PHP and in each of the  
other languages to compare versions and we will write our own if  
necessary, but it seems like it will be a very common need in 5.0 and  
would be most convenient if it was provided by the API.



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