[ka-Map-users] Customizing layers on KaMap

Luca Casagrande luca.casagrande at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 11:41:17 EST 2007

Hi Matteo,

don't know if I have understand your question, but in Mapserver you can 
draw the boundaries of a polygon layer
just changing the type to "LINE" instead of "POLYGON"

Is this what you need?


matteo rossi ha scritto:
> Hi list,
> i've a polygon LAYER added in my mapfile under a CLASS object.
> I'd like to try to set into the mapfile an "empty polygon" option in order
> to show in KaMap only its contour. With the COLOUR option of CLASS object i
> cannot do it cause it's only possible to manage the RGB otpions.
> What I've to do?
> Another attempt I made is to set a transparency for my layer but:
> 1) Using TRANSPARENCY + integer option the layer is still opaque and it's
> colour change (!);
> 2) Using TRANSAPRENCY + ALPHA option, nothing happens.
> Any suggest?
> Thanks a lot
> Matteo Rossi

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