[ka-Map-users] Problems loading street maps from DM using ka-map

Manuel Rodriguez mannyro814 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 09:40:54 EST 2007

We are trying to load the DM Solutions US street maps and are having a problem with phpmap_script...this is the problem

  Warning: dl() [function.dl]: Unable to load dynamic library './php_mapscript_46.so' - /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `CXXABI_1.2' not found (required by ./php_mapscript_46.so) in /home/gh/public_html/modules/msclient/init.php on line 48

  The versions we are using are as follows:
  map script version 4.4.2
k map 0.1

  Furthermore, could someone tell us what and all the libraries we should be loading?  Thanks in advance!
  Kindest regards,
  Manny Rodriguez
  KB Group, LLC
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