[ka-Map-users] kaRouting : path not displayed on map

Swapnil Hajare dreamil at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 01:40:00 EST 2007

Hello all,
  first greetings to the list
  I am using kamap 1.0 stable on a ubuntu 6.10 server. I was very excited to
see kaRouting moduke added to kaMap and upgraded my earlier version only for
kaRouting. My site can be seen on http://www.pcmcgisda.org.in/ (server is
too slow for that much data! please bear).
  I have road data with me and I have setup pgRouting properly. On psql
prompt I can run all pgRouting functions (partocularly A* functions) and get
the results correctly. In kamap, I followed this link
http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org/wiki/index.php/KaRouting to set it up for using
pgrouting. I have renamed my columns as required in kaRouting, configured
new mapfile for route, created kroute table for storing paths and did all
the changes required to enable kaRouting. I can see a button on my interface
and I can mark the locations on map. But I dont get any resultant path drawn
on the map. After selecting source and destination points on the map, the
browser window keeps loading and loading.
  While this happens, when I see the postgres log in detail, I can see the
queries being executed successfully. I can even see the path inserted in
kroute table. But somehow the path is not displayed on map. I use firefox
2.0 for testing and I dont get any javascript error.

  Can somebody help me resolve this issue?

other details:
       mapserver 4.8.3
       postgresql 8.1 with postgis
       apache 2.0
       php 5

waiting for response.

Swapnil Hajare
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