[ka-Map-users] a slightly differnt use of the ajax map.. anybody can help?

Valentina Trevino valsartdiary at mac.com
Fri Feb 23 13:17:21 EST 2007

I have stumbled upon this website and this mailing list by accident
and I know abosuletely nothing about ajax, programming etc.
But I believe that you might have the answer to what I'm looking for.

I have a pretty popular art video show (over 2 million views) 
at www.youtube.com/valsartdiary and I am currently working on a project 
called "WEB 2.0 the painting".

The idea is that I will make the painting, post the image of it on my website
and ask other artists to contribute by adding more to it.  

I wanted the canvas to have NO LIMIT in size and be able to expand.
This project has a potential of becoming a pretty big thing with tons of 
images being added in all directions.

The way I imagine the end user viewing teh artwork is exactly how I'm
viewing google maps.  I would like to to be able to move to teh sides
to reveal more and (this would be super cool) scroll teh mouse wheel to
zoom out and see the whole thing. 

I found out that google maps uses ajax and then through a quick search I 
found this mailing list.  Like I said I know nothing about programming but was
hoping somebody here would be interested in helping.

Like I said, my video show got over 2 million views since November '06 and
this map has a potential of being viewed by many people.  I would definitely
give you credit for your help.

Help!  :)



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