[ka-Map-users] RE: Problem installing ka-map 1.0 with ms4w 2.2.2

Gabriele B gabbag981 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 11 06:09:07 EDT 2007

Hi Carlos

I have encountered the same problem in my first installation. I solved the 
problem in this way:

I changed the javascript libraries loaded in 
"getcjs.php?startUp.js,........" putting them in a script tag. Inthis way I 
can understand where is the error. May be that you have a problem in the 
myOnload function that is in startUp.js. The cause of the problem probably 
is that the getcjs.php compiles the javascript code while removing the 
spaces and the comments in it. In this case if you declare a object that 
refers to an object not declared, you'll have the error "Expected Object".

Hope this helps


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