[ka-Map-users] "group" in layers in mapfile prevents the map loading

Jean-Daniel Gonon jdgonon at gi-lemans.com
Fri Jun 15 08:37:59 EDT 2007


I am integrating ka-map in an application derived of MAPSERVER.

In ka-map version, when I add "group" in a layer in mapfile, all layers 
are showed in internet browser.

But in my application, I have a problem : when I add "group" in a layer 
in mapfile, none layer is loaded because 
"$oMap->getLayersIndexByGroup($groupName)" function (in /init.php file) 
doesn't know the layer index (and kamap stops).
Without "group" in layer in mapfile, there is none problem in the 

Does anyone has an idea to help me, to solve this problem ?

Thanck you
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