[ka-Map-users] Problem with Search in KAMAP with Postgis

Kumar kumar at newfields.com
Mon Jun 18 09:31:40 EDT 2007

	I forgot that I had modified the kasearch.php to directory to
directory structure which I was using. 
	include_once ('../../ka-map/include/config.php'); //Delamo Edit

 should be 
	include_once ('../../../include/config.php');

	Didn't expect mine to go on CVS, sorry for the trouble. Please
verify directory structure is right. 

- kumar

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Subject: [ka-Map-users] Problem with Search in KAMAP with Postgis

> After using kaSearch.php from latest CVS-image the Search-function 
> works with the PostGIS-Layer !!
> Thanks a lot to Kumar !
> Unfortunately now the Search-function does not work anymore with 
> shapefiles. Anybody else having this problem ?
> Thanks,
> Mel

Mel thanks to test so quickly,
I've made another patch and now shp search works fine on my computer. I 
have no chance to test a Postgis layer actually.
please updated from CVS and let us know

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