[ka-Map-users] Problem with Search in KAMAP with Postgis

Melanie Ritzau MelanieRitz78 at web.de
Mon Jun 18 16:17:20 EDT 2007

I am not sure if I really have your latest build, because file-datum of kaSearch.php is 16.06.07.
I downloaded from  here:http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org/CVSimg/ka-map-cvs-image.tar.gz

Nothing has changed - PostGIS-Search works but not Shapefile-Search. If I use again the old kaSearch.php the Shapefile-Search works fine.

For those who are interested in performance:

A (ka-)search in a Shapefile (500MB) with 2.5 Million places takes about 9-12 seconds.
The shapefile is not indexed. shptree was not possible with a file of this size and i guess a spatial index won't help for a name-search. I am not sure if Mapserver can interpret other indeces as qix (e.g. ArcGIS-indeces ??)

Same Shapefile converted to PostGIS-database takes 4-6 seconds (still to much) for KaMap-search. (on LINUX with ATHLON 64 X2 4200) 

A search using "ilike" is very time consuming. What do I have to change in kaSearch.php to get a search-command like this:

SELECT * FROM name where LOWER (name) = 'blahblah'  ??

So if I search for 'paris' I want to find only "Paris" and not "Villeparisis"
This is muuch faster cause PostGIS can also use an index.



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> Von: Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com>
> Gesendet: 18.06.07 11:58:37
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> Betreff: [ka-Map-users] Problem with Search in KAMAP with Postgis

> > After using kaSearch.php from latest CVS-image the Search-function 
> > works with the PostGIS-Layer !!
> >
> > Thanks a lot to Kumar !
> >
> > Unfortunately now the Search-function does not work anymore with 
> > shapefiles. Anybody else having this problem ?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mel
> Mel thanks to test so quickly,
> I've made another patch and now shp search works fine on my computer. I 
> have no chance to test a Postgis layer actually.
> please updated from CVS and let us know
> ciao
> Lorenzo
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