[ka-Map-users] Setting initial layer transparency

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu Mar 1 13:01:59 EST 2007

> Hey folks,
>  When I set the layer transparency in my mapfile, the layer still appears
> opaque when the map initially loads (opaque but a shade lighter).  
> I've been
> using the ka-explorer interface and I love the ability to 
> interactively set
> the layer transparency. Is there any way to set the initial 
> transparency to
> match what is specified in the mapfile? Any examples?
> Thanks

don't know if I've clear what you're looking for.

I'll try an answer :-)

One thing is transparency and the other is the opacity.
the first depends on  outputformat and its settings

the second on user actions over UI  or layer metadata settings.
see "opacity" in Layer sector:


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