[ka-Map-users] Cache problems

Matteo .alias. casamatta casamatta at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 06:02:51 EST 2007

Hi! first of all sorry for my bad and poor English

I used precahce2.php ad I generated cache tiles, but in browser, once i set
in map file in layer's metadata section "tile_source" "cache", I can't view
layer because Kamap seems not able reading cached tile files.

I work under Windows XP and ms4w package with KaMap 1.0.

I work with temp folder in C:\ms4w\tmp and here subfolders are "cache" and
"sessions" (for php session files)
All my test apps works in C:\ms4w\apps\test (here I have a folder htdocs,
data, include, etc, etc...)
My Data folder is C:\ms4w\apps\test\data;
My Mapfile is in C:\ms4w\apps\test\htdocs folder;

My mapfile configuration contains in web section:

IMAGEPATH "/ms4w/tmp/cache/"
IMAGEURL "/ms4w/tmp/cache/"

In Kamap configuration file I set

$szBaseCacheDir = "/ms4w/tmp/cache"

Without "tile_source" "cache" directive in mapfile my test application works
slowly but works!
Someone can help me?!?!
Thanks for your time!
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