[ka-Map-users] Bug in KaMap.js

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Mar 15 08:30:59 EST 2007


THis change was introduced as part of a general cache optimization.   
This added an extra level to the cache directory structure that helps  
out minimizing problems with large caches.

If you used precache to generate your cache prior to this change, you  
would need to regenerate your cache or run a script that moves things  
around (I think I provided a script for linux some time ago but I  
can't find it right now).

If you used it after this change, then there is a bug in precache and  
it is not writing the extra directory out.



On 14-Mar-07, at 11:17 AM, Matteo .alias. casamatta wrote:

> Hi all!
> I think have found a little bug in KaMap.js file at row 2236
> IMHO the right code may be:
> --> var metaTileId = 't' + metaTop + 'l' + metaLeft; <--
> and not
> --> var metaTileId = 't' + metaTop + '/l' + metaLeft; <--
> With this little correction I solved my caching problems and now if  
> i set in mapfile "tile_source" "cache" directive system works fine!
> Thanks for your time, and sorry for my baad english!
> Matteo
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