[ka-Map-users] Bug in KaMap.js

Daniel Muller Daniel.Muller at geomatic.ch
Thu Mar 29 08:34:55 EST 2007

I moved yesterday from old caching system to new one. To not recreate my 
cache, I wrote a small script ou simply moves and renames the folders.
It's in the attachement if someone needs it.


Paul Spencer a écrit :
> Matteo,
> THis change was introduced as part of a general cache optimization.  
> This added an extra level to the cache directory structure that helps 
> out minimizing problems with large caches.
> If you used precache to generate your cache prior to this change, you 
> would need to regenerate your cache or run a script that moves things 
> around (I think I provided a script for linux some time ago but I 
> can't find it right now).
> If you used it after this change, then there is a bug in precache and 
> it is not writing the extra directory out.
> Cheers
> Paul

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