[ka-Map-users] php_mapscript problem

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Sun Mar 18 18:07:38 EST 2007

Double-check whether your extension is called "php_mapscript", because the older version of ms4w called it "php_mapscript_4.10.0.dll". For php_mapscript to work, php-cgi.exe must have access to some of the dependent DLL's, including gdal1x.dll, which in turn requires some other DLL's. Best to copy the extension temporarily to your PHP directory (where php-cgi sits), and use "depends.exe" on the extension to see whether it has access to all its dependencies (http://www.dependencywalker.com/ <http://www.dependencywalker.com> ).


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	I have any problem for to see my map in ka-map. In the config.php I have:

	 *  Consider moving per-map configuration to metadata in map files
	 * WINDOWS USERS: you will likely need to use php_gd2.dll instead of php_gd.dll
	$szPHPMapScriptModule = 'php_mapscript.'.PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX;
	$szPHPGDModule = 'php_gd2.'.PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX;


	and when i call   http://localhost/kamap/init this is my error:

	Warning: dl() [function.dl <http://localhost/kamap/function.dl> ]: Unable to load dynamic library './php_mapscript.dll' - No se puede encontrar el módulo especificado. in C:ms4wappska-map-1.0htdocsinit.php on line 118
	Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ms_newmapobj() in C:ms4wappska-map-1.0htdocsinit.php on line 124

	php_mapscript.dll is in c:/ms4w/apache/php/extensions     where is de problem ?????


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