[ka-Map-users] can't get karouting to work

shilpi pasricha ekpari84 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 04:00:40 EST 2007

hi lorenzo,
i've been trying to implement ka-routing for a longgg time but have'nt been
successful, and similarly someone i know from this mailing list - Aileen
Baylon <aileen at mapcentral.ph> has also been stuck at some points.

1. i switched to linux coz routing was near to impossible(for me) in

2. i've following each step given on www.postlbs.org accurately without any
errors to setup pgRouting module and downloaded their kanagawa sample data.

3. i did as written on this site

couple of ques: on line 141 we're supposed give the path to the "routeMap"
that's given at the bottom of the page, but which mapfile should be given in
the path on line 110


4. in the mapfile that's displayed at the bottom of this page
http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org/wiki/index.php/KaRouting there should be a
"DATA" field too(or it shouldn't?). i found out about this from here:

5. when i try using a mapfile like GMap for the first path and
routeMap.mapin the second path, i see fast blinking tiles but nothing
is displayed,

6. i checked kacache, blank images were being prouced there.

what should be done?
please help


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