[ka-Map-users] PNGs work on Windows but not on Linux

Melanie Ritzau MelanieRitz78 at web.de
Mon Mar 19 07:04:37 EST 2007

Hello List,

I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I ported a Kamap-Installation from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu 6.10 with FGS ka-map-1.0-20070123). On Windows everything is running perfectly. The Mapserver Mapfile loads from different data-sources: ECWs, PNGs and Shapefiles. Outputformat in Mapfile and Kamap is JPEG.
When I use the same Mapfile (with adjusted Pathes) on the Linux-Server everything works and is displayed except the PNGs. I am trying for many hours now but I can't get Kamap to load these PNG-files. The only PNG that shows up is the Keymap-PNG.
When I use the same Mapfile on the Linux-Server without Kamap (e.g. with a PHP-Reflector for Google Earth) all is shown correctly including the PNGs - so it must be a problem with Kamap.

What might be the reason for this ??

Thank you very, very much for any help.

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