[ka-Map-users] cross domain

Ben Kuek ben.kuek at abridge.com.au
Thu Mar 22 04:02:30 EST 2007


Is it possible to use kamap like how we use google's API?

I have a modified kamap being served on boxA <http://boxA/maps/> that 
contains the init.php, .js etc

I am serving a html on boxB <http://boxB/test.html>. Within it, I 
include tags
that references the .js files from boxA as below:

<script type="text/javascript" 
myKaMap.server = "http://boxA/maps/";

I am getting "permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open" in 
F1refox browsers.
In IE6, I'm getting an incomplete kamap once I click yes to accept 
security risk.

What would be best for me to do to get around it?

Many thanks

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