[ka-Map-users] Loading layer data dynamically in kaMap

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Mar 27 13:04:47 EST 2007

> I tried to use KaXmlOverlay, which worked OK, 

Hi Schalk, good news

> but
> -> I already have code for an overlib imagemap, for tooltip and click 
> menu,
please explain better your use case.

> -> support for the overlay tooltip is lacking, and

lately PG added mouse event on Overlay object and you can use them to do 
the code is available only in CVS or daily snapshot.

> -> overlays can't be switched on/off with usual layer checking.
you can hack it, it should not be that difficult.
I've tried to play with visibilty:hidden/visibility:visible to the main 
div where the overlay stays. It works fine.

Maybe we should put an ID to the overlay layer to make it easy to reach 
it with getRawObject, PG what do you think about it?

> I need this to work or my motivation for using kaMap would be nullified,

he he

hope this helps


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