[ka-Map-users] Different screen resolutions

Krassovski, Misha B. krassovskimb at ornl.gov
Wed Mar 28 10:36:43 EST 2007

I found this strange effect: 
On 1024x768 screen when I call page with map it shows it in the whole,
and it occupies all designated space for it. When I zoom it in or out it
remains in boundaries. No problem here.
On 1280x1024 screen when I load page the map appears much smaller then
dedicated space for it with white margins around. But when I zoom it in,
it spreads out and takes all space that was foreseen for it. All scales
but the very first one, that shows the whole map, don't have such
Does anybody have an idea what may cause that?

Thank you in advance, 
Misha Krassovski
Ph. (865) 574-7838
F.(865) 574-2232
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
Building 1509, MS 6335
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-633

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