[ka-Map-users] Using kaXmlOverlay mouse event(s)

Schalk Snyman schalk at wor-x.com
Fri Mar 30 04:11:43 EST 2007

Hi all kaMap developers!

I got the mouse events working by using (It took me a while, OK :-) )

dynXmlOverlay.handler_onmouseover = function ( aPoint ) {toolTip.setText(aPoint.pid+': ('+aPoint.geox+', '+aPoint.geoy+')');toolTip.moveGeo(aPoint.geox,aPoint.geoy);};

(I wrote the onmouseover functions by pretty much copying the onClick code )

The only problem is that the tooltip does not go to the correct position: at the pointer. (I'll probably get it fixed) and it moves the map out of the viewport :-(

BUT: I still don't understand the scalebar, though. How does the mapfile settings relate to the code in startup.js etc.?

As always any help will be much appreciated!

Schalk Snyman
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