[ka-Map-users] Hilite query

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Mar 28 17:17:27 EST 2007

> Hi  Camilo and Lorenzo,
> The simplest method I could found to implement hilite in raster format:

Thank you very much Kwok Lun,
I'm pleased to know somebody is using hilite system and put his hands on.
Not me or Andrea have ever heard of somebody using it.

> To change the look on the hilite item, look at tile_query.php
> For example changing  $colorObj    = $styleObj->outlinecolor; on line
> 420 to $colorObj    = $styleObj->color; would change highlighting using
> outline to highlight using a fill. Default hightlighting colour can be
> changed  at line 260 or it can be defined individually in the METADATA
> tag under LAYER object in the mapfile using the tag  "rgbColor"
> "XXX,XXX,XXX". There are heaps waiting to be explored! :)

the external use of SLD should avoid to put hands in the code.
I've already used it in the Embrio prototype and it's cool to me.
it's few lines of code to include it. I just need that while that I've 
not at the moment...
> I'm still investigating vector hiliting, I could generate the
> appropriate xml file using  queryTable.php but the loadXML function
> couldn't handle the dynamically generated XML codes? It would work if I
> manually save the XML into a file and get loadXML to load it though.....
We've decided to avoid vector drawings with XMLOverlay to be safe from 
any memory limit as vector drawing on the browser could be very sensible 
about total amount of vertex loaded.
When you use a ka-Map layer  drawn on the fly you don't care that much 
on how many vertex will be displayed.


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