[ka-Map-users] Variables explanations

Sébastien Roch sebastien.roch at epfl.ch
Fri Mar 30 07:58:26 EST 2007

can anybody explain the main variables in kaMap.js? I can't figure out what
certain means...

The ones I know :
- nWide/nHigh : the number of tiles necessary to cover the viewport (include
buffer tiles)
- tileWidth/tileHeight : width/height of tiles...
- nBuffer : the number of extra tiles put as buffer at top/bottom/left/right
of viewport
- cellSize : the number of meters(or your map unit) represented by 1 pixel

The others :
- xOffset/yOffset : comment in kaMap.js says "amount the inside layer has
moved" : but relative to what? since when?
- xOrigin/yOrigin : where is the point defining the origin?
- nCurrentTop/nCurrentLeft : ???

Help will be very much appreciated, thanks!


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