[ka-Map-users] Mouse Stop Query

Cheung Kwok Lun Alan ache051 at ec.auckland.ac.nz
Wed May 2 22:55:31 EDT 2007

Hello fellow listers,

I was playing with Mouse Stop Query a minute ago and found out that if I 
register the event:

myKaMap.registerForEvent( KAMAP_MOUSE_STOPPED, null, myMouseStopped);

Then make a function to call the query (I know it is a bit unnecessary 
to have an extra function... ):

function myMouseStopped(eventID, queryType, coords) {
    myQuery( eventID,queryType , coords )

The query system will return a bad query message. However if we change 
the function to this, the mouse stop query would work:

function myMouseStopped(eventID, queryType, coords) {
    myQuery( eventID, KAMAP_POINT_QUERY , coords )

Just for your information :)

Kind Regards,

Cheung, Alan Kwok Lun,
Geo-graphics Assistant,
Geo-graphics Unit,
School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science,
University of Auckland

10 Symonds Street, Auckland,
New Zealand
ache051 at ec.auckland.ac.nz

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