[ka-Map-users] Mouse Stop Query

Cheung Alan Kwok Lun ache051 at ec.auckland.ac.nz
Thu May 3 17:52:53 EDT 2007

Hi Shail,

Generating pop-up results would not be hard. Instead of injecting the 
results to the queryOut division, you inject it onto a new page.

Regarding a second query tool, I'm not sure whether you want to query on 
a different set of layers or the same ones? If it is the same ones the 
simplest but not the most elegant way is to have a copy of 
map_query_float.php injecting results to different places.

Hope it helps a bit!

Kind Regards,

Cheung, Alan Kwok Lun,
Geo-graphics Assistant,
Geo-graphics Unit,
School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science,
University of Auckland
10 Symonds Street, Auckland,
New Zealand
ache051 at ec.auckland.ac.nz
> Hi  Cheung,
> Thanks for posting your MouseStop Query .. I think, you would be knowing the
> answer ....
> I had one question about registering query events.
> I wanted to use the query function for my ka-map application. 
> I am sort of getting confused , where ka-map initiates those queries. I mean
> to say, which file.
> What i wanted to do is, add another query tool on ka-map and have it a point
> query and i wanted the pop-up results instead of the one ka-map has right
> now on the left panel (TOC swipe).
> And is that possible, to have having two query buttons and having completely
> different results .
> Thanks,
> Shail ...

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