[ka-Map-users] redraw issue please help

Jeffrey Reinholz j.reinholz at delcan.com
Tue May 15 12:20:34 EDT 2007

Thanks Luper,

Actually I did see your fix and tried it yesterday. No help... sorry. 
The only fix I have
so far is to put a script in the background to wipe the cache. Because 
there are dynamic
layers and static layers in the same map file I thought that might cause 
a problem. I tested
with both nocache and redraw with one single dynamic layer and had the 
same issues. I
am wondering if this is shape file related, or timestamp related as I 
don't see anyone else
having issues.

> Jeffrey Reinholz a écrit :
>> We are trying to do a demo for work zone effects with dynamic redraws
>> of shape files. Problem is that
>> the meta info isn't causing ka-map to redraw the tiles dynamically. I
>> was curious if anyone else had any
>> issues with shapefiles and dyamic redraws and what I should look for
>> in fixing this issue, if it can be fixed.
>> I noted that the cached files for this map file where not being
>> updated at the interval in the meta data. I have
>> tried just using this layer alone, and switching to "nocache". It
>> appears once the tile is rendered once it is never
>> rendered again.
> This may be related to the same browser cache problem I had, maybe you
> could try my patch (no news from the dev team BTW, anyone listening on
> ka-map-dev ?) :
> http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/ka-map-dev/2007-May/000314.html
> Ka-map's "nocache" mode was broken for me, it rendered blank layers from
> now and then and suffered from the same browser cache problem as the
> normal mode anyway.
> Luper Rouch

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