[ka-Map-users] Novice on KaMap - how to plot a point on Kamap?

The Bun rosario.carbone at ipl.com
Mon Nov 12 04:50:50 EST 2007

You mentioned PHP then I assume you want to add points server side. As far as
I know, I am new myself to kaMap, you can do it adding the points in the
mapfile itself but it is not very popular, there are many techniques I'll
tell you what I have done in my prototype, I create dinamically an xml file
that contains the 
coordinates of the points I want to add, but you can have a database, a file
or anything else you need as data source, anyway I have done this way with
my xml ( the bolded part is the part you actually really need ):


   // Create a DOM object
   $doc = new DOMDocument();
   // Load the xml file
   // Get the first "point" element
   $points = $doc->getElementsByTagName("point");
   // Parse all the "point" elements
   foreach( $points as $point )
         // Get the coordinates from the "point" element
         $longitudes = $point->getElementsByTagName( "longitude" );
         $longitude = $longitudes->item(0)->nodeValue;
         $latitudes = $point->getElementsByTagName( "latitude" );
         $latitude = $latitudes->item(0)->nodeValue;
         // Get the layer from the map
         $layer = $oMap->getLayerByName("selpoint");
         // Add the point to the map
         add_point_to_layer($layer, $longitude, $latitude);   }

Just for your information my where "points.xml" is structured this way:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> 

I was nearly forgotting, I needed the layer "selpoint" predefined in

   NAME selpoint
       NAME "selpoint"
       SYMBOL 2
       COLOR 255 0 0 
           TYPE bitmap
         SYMBOL 2
         SIZE 20
         COLOR 255 0 0 

I couldn't find a complete dynamic working example anywhere, in fact I
wanted to create a layer in the code, in memory, and use that dynamic layer
for adding my points all in the in the PHP code but I failed.

Anyway I think much more interesting in my opinion is adding points client
side, this is all in JavaScript. This I used in my prototype, it is hard
coded but it is just as example:

    // Prepare the array of images    
    var imgArray = new Array();
    imgArray[0] = document.createElement( 'img' );
    imgArray[0].src = 'images/kamap.gif';
    imgArray[1] = document.createElement( 'img' );
    imgArray[1].src = 'images/kamap.gif';
    // Add the first object	
    var lon = -476249.61;
    var lat = 1543401.94;    
    myKaMap.addObjectGeo( myKaMap.createDrawingCanvas( 500 ), lon, lat,
    // Add the second object
    lon = -474133.08;
    lat = 922866.17;        
    myKaMap.addObjectGeo( myKaMap.createDrawingCanvas( 500 ), lon, lat,

Rosario Carbone

pjqcf wrote:
> All,
>   I have just installed Kamap on my machine and was able to get customized
> shapefile loaded on it. Now the next obvious thing is to plot a point on
> the top of my map that is showing from the map file.
>   My understanding is: This is done using PHP coding. But I don't have any
> starting point.
>   It would be really helpful if someone could help me understand how to do
> this?
>   Thanks in advance..
>   Puneet
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