[ka-Map-users] Customizing interface

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Nov 21 05:12:12 EST 2007

> Due to the nature of the kaExplorer interface (that it is a
> full-screen app) a lot of the styling is controlled in the startUp.php
> (things like making the map viewport stretch to fill the rest of the
> screen, etc).  


> I don't personally like how kaExplorer was done, but
> much of that is still kaMap-independent.

Not even me, I wrote it quickly because I had a deadline as Hans has.
Nobody force you to use ka-Explorer. You can start from scratch as the 
presentation you've suggested shows.

if somebody want to contribute some new interface or patches to 
ka-Explorer he/she is naturally welcome.

if you want a much heavier but powerful API you should consider to start 
creating your user interface on OpenLayers.


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