[ka-Map-users] attribute information

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Oct 5 17:15:16 EDT 2007

There is a simple 'widget' called kaMouseTracker in htdocs/ that you  
can take a look at.  The details on how to add it to your application  
are at the top of the file.

You could use this and in the callback function create a timer  
(window.setTimeout) that calls a server side script to get tooltip  
content for the current location if the timer fires.  You would  
cancel the timer if the mouse moves again.



On 5-Oct-07, at 5:07 PM, Anna Kostikova wrote:

> Dear list!
> I have a map with one point layer (shapefile) and I am trying to  
> modify an interface which comes with 1.0 version
> Is there any way to show up an information about a point when my  
> mouse is stopped over this point for let's say 3 sec?
> The thing is that I would like this information to come up from an  
> attribute table of this shapefile.
> Thanks a lot in advance!
> Anna
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