[ka-Map-users] Dynamic points on the map, can you help please?

Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com
Mon Oct 15 13:10:12 EDT 2007

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> Hi Daniel,
> I thought to a client solution at the beginning of my testing 
> but that mean I need to get all the coordinates from the 
> server and send HTTP request back from the client, it seemed 
> to be not too good to me so for that reason I decided to test 
> the possibility to create the image in tile.php included with 
> my temporary layer just before the imgage is cached the first 
> time, as my data are already available but may change for 
> different sessions and then a server solution I thought it was ideal.
> But believe me, I tested at least 100 variations of the code 
> below and I couldn't see anything, noone of my point on the 
> map, I guess maybe I need to have something pre-set in the 
> mapfile? I am surely missing something, I don't know 
> MapServer very well (that is the reason I am testing) but a 
> syntax like this:
> $point->draw($oMap, $point_layer, $image, 0, "");
> for the mushups seems suspicious to me.
> I have passed last two days trying and trying, nothing, I for 
> sure haven't understood how the object model works as other 
> people is able to do the same thing I am trying to do. I 
> thing at the end I have to work around as you said, though I 
> am not really happy of that as from kamap I only would like 
> rely for things like zooming and panning, but the code seems 
> to be easy and surely I'll have a go next Monday when I am 
> back at work, if performances are good then I'll be happy. 
> Thank you very much.
> Rosario
> --


If you want all the action to be server side, then your best bet will be
to generate a new map file based on the data.  Start with a map file
that already has the layer and symbol information declared, and then use
php_Mapscript like you were to populate the data.  An example for this
can be found

I used this approach and it works well, except I had to figure out how
to make mine dynamic for each user, since they did not want anybody else
seeing their data.

Good luck,



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