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semerau at hotmail.com semerau at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:45:05 EDT 2007

I see from the docs that only line and polygon overlays are scaled to the map. Is there a way to scale an image or an icon overlay to the map? I realize this is basically what mapserver does, but I would like to do this through ka-map so I can have better control over when\whether the image is displayed.

For example, I would like to put an overlay image of an airport over the place on the map where the airport is, and then when you zoom in and out, the image of the airport overlays also zooms in and out.  The image of the airport will change often and often won't even be displayed. I don't want to put the airport image on the map tile itself because then I would have to set the caching of ka-Map so some low duration, but I still wouldn't be able to control exactly when the airport image changes in the browser.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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