[ka-Map-users] replacement variables

Juan Pablo Alperin godwasagrapefruit at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:32:38 EDT 2007

Hi List,

Its me again, asking about how to localize my map again.  I put this
off for a while and now I'm trying a few different approaches.

I am trying to have a layer that uses replacement variables (for
localized labels) on a layer.  However, everything I've read tells me
that I should try to avoid using nocache layers at all cost, since
they are so inefficient and something about redrawing the metatile.

Could I use a redraw layer? is there any way to do variable
replacement on one of those?   There is a finite number of options for
my variable replacements (9), is there any way to cache all of those,
without making 9 different layers in my mapfile?



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