[ka-Map-users] Expandable/collapsible groups or sub-layers in kaLegend

Samuel Hiatt samhiatt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 13:37:51 EDT 2007

Hello kaMappers!

Yesterday I finished implementing some modifications of kaLegend.js that
allow layers to be grouped in a hierarchy and presented in
expandable/collapsible menus.  I am aware that a few others have requested
this functionality, so I'd like to be sure that my implementation can be
useful to all.

In order to implement this functionality I had to invent a new metadata tag
for the layer.  Currently I use the tag "parents" and then list the parents
of a sub-layer.  For example, for layer "streets" the metadata could look
"parents"    "Infrastructure::Transportation"

saying that "streets" is a child of transportation, which is a child of

I am not sure if the name "parents" and the syntax I chose for the metadata
makes much sense, so I would like to hear from y'all to determine what would
be the best way to represent a layer's position in the hierarchy with a
metadata tag.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

If this enhancement to the kaLegend is useful to many more people I'd like
to make sure it is polished up and can be committed to the ka-map

Thanks for your input.

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