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Nickolas Simard nsimard at madie.ca
Tue Sep 18 11:12:07 EDT 2007

Hi everyone

First, thanks to Gabriele for the pointer on the “after-load image resizing”
trick. We manage to make it work, though some bugs occurred.

Since ka-Map! Main development language is English, support for non-english
characters is null. That produced some bug on the xhr.js file when using the
call function, as well as the utf-8 encode added to the url-encoding on the

To make a short story, the legend.php would first create the image, the
javascript would then call the legend_dim.php to resize them. Since on my
mapfile, the group and layer name contains spaces and acute characters (such
as é), the legend_dim would receive url-encoded string, that, once decoded,
would be in utf-8
 losing my real layer name.

To prevent that, we edited xhr.js to use POST methods when send 3 and more
parameters to prevent url-encoding as well as specified a charset for its
header (on setRequestHeader). We also converted utf-8 string into iso-8859-1
(using PHP’s iconv).

If anyone need the base code provided by Gabriele, see
http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/ka-map-users/2007-July/003054.html .

You might as well add a similar piece of code when the legend is first
generating, near line 450 of kaLegend.js.

Here’s the code I used

         call('legend_dim.php?map=' + this.kaMap.currentMap + '&scale=' +
this.kaMap.getCurrentScale() + '&g=' + oLayer.name, this , evalFromPhp);

That’s it for the image size bug.

Also, as Gabriele pointed out, $oMap->drawLegend method does not take
account of the MAXSCALE/MINSCALE properties of the CLASS inside the layer.
It does seem to accept the layers one though. I guess that is a bug that
will/should hopefully be fixed.

I shall also review the script to check for “code injection/ajax abuse”,
since there is an eval used
 It seem obvious to me that not much input
validation is made on ka-Map!, eventhough not much is to be inputted :D . 

So thanks again.


Nickolas Simard

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Hi Nickolas


I already had this problem... See the thread named kaLegend bug fixed in the

archives of july 2007.


However seems that the problems occurs when you use MAXSCALE/MINSCALE 



Hope this helps..


Gabriele B



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