[ka-Map-users] ka-map for Linux

Alessio Di Lorenzo alessio.dilorenzo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 14:17:33 EDT 2007

Hi Bailey,

there's no problem to use ka-map in linux environment.
It is more simple than using in ms4w...
All you have to do is to unzip it in the apache document-root.

I'm not a Fedora Core user, so I can't help you in the 
webserver/mapserver installation and configuration.
In Debian and Ubuntu it's very very simple thanks to apt.
I suppose that in Fedora Core you can install the complete environment 
in a simple way using yum...



Bailey ha scritto:
> Is there a Ka-map 1.0 for linux?
> How do I move my FGS based ka-map app to my webhost (get it online)?
> I’ve successfully tested a couple ka-map projects with ms4w, but my 
> web host is linux based. I recently installed linux for the first time 
> (Fedora Core 6) with some difficulty. Then installed FGS. Everything 
> is working. Now I need to install Ka-map. I thought that ka-map was 
> universal for both MS4W and FGS, until I saw in the wiki “Preparing 
> ka-map” that the source package for ka-map also comes as a module for 
> linux installer (latest version seems to be ka-map 0.2). I am new to 
> all this, so I don’t really know what installing as a “module” means. 
> My ultimate goal is to get my ka-map application online, so eventually 
> I need to move mapserver and ka-map to my webserver. I found 
> instructions on “Installing MS4W Binaries in Other Environments” and 
> succeeded in installing my windows mapserver into xampp for testing my 
> applications, but I have not found any instructions for installing FGS 
> mapserver binaries in other enviroments, ie. my web host.
> Thanks for any help
> Bailey
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