[ka-Map-users] multilingual map

Juan Pablo Alperin godwasagrapefruit at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 10:16:19 EDT 2007

Apologies for sending this out twice.  I signed up yesterday and I
haven't received any messages from the list yet.  I took of 'digest'
mode and I'm trying again.  Please forward any replies that were sent

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Hello list,

I've been building a mapping application for IDRC (http://www.idrc.ca)
and I am trying to figure out the best way to have map labels in
multiple languages.

My problem comes from the fact that the application allows for mapping
of about 10 variables for 5 different years and at 3 different levels
of spatial aggregation.

I have implemented 3 drop down boxes that allow for the selection of
the appropriate layers.  I opted for having a map file for each
variable, and a layer for each aggregation/year combination.  Although
this gives me pretty big map files with lots of layers, it lets me
take advantage of the ka-cache, which wouldn't have been possible if i
used MapScript to change a layer's features.

In short, I had the idea of creating an additional layer for each
language at each aggregation level with all the features transparent,
but the labels showing.  Then showing/hiding these label-layers with
javascript to keep the appropriate language.

Is this the best approach?  I'm wondering if there isn't a better way.
 I'd love to get some thoughts on my general approach.  Its never too
late to optimize things if I've gone astray.

Oh, probably important.  All the data is in Postgres/PostGIS.



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