[ka-Map-users] WMS-Layer displaying from Greenwich (0 deegree) eastwards only

Nils Zierath nils.zierath at uni-bonn.de
Thu Jul 31 10:36:24 EDT 2008

Dear list,
I have included a WMS layer from NASA/JPL into my map and encounter two problems:

When calling the map via Firefox directly from Mapserver, the WMS layer is displayed from 
-180 to 180 deegree - the setting of my mapfile. However, when put into ka-Map, the WMS 
layer will display only from 0 deegree/Greenwich on eastwards.

Are there any solutions for that?

When moving east on the map, the WMS layer will be displayed beyond 180 deegree 
indefinitely. How do I delimit the display to 180 deegree?

My mapfile setting is
EXTENT		-168.0	-90.0	192.0	90.0

Thanks for any help,

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