[ka-Map-users] version 1.1 beta

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Jun 2 18:46:23 EDT 2008

thanks to the precious makefile by Paul, it was easier then what expected.

this is a minor update to release the bugfixing done this last 12 month.

- added AGG  support
- updated kaExplorer
- updated kaSearch (patches by: Kuros, Lucian Bancescu
- horizontal zoomer (by: David Badke)
- precache with wget (by: Daniel Muller)
- added presentations for the workshops of this year (English and 
Spanish versions)
- fixed many bugs (thanks to all submitters!)

I've tested only the tar.gz and the zipped file with Linux.
I have no windows with me and hope somebody can check if the MS4W 
package works.
the BETA state is due to the package status, mainly MS4W, because the 
code has been used since long in many sites and works fine. If MS4W 
works fine too, we'll quickly move to a release soon.


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