[ka-Map-users] Re: Mapserver in VPS?

Steve Walker walker at mfgis.com
Wed May 21 11:54:06 EDT 2008

Hola Javier

Si, no hay no problemas a usar un 'VPS' para MapServer y Ka-Map

Yes, you can absolutely use a VPS as an effecitive server.

My Mapserver/Ka-Map sites are hosted on a VPS hosted by provider

I started very low with a $15 month plan and gradually ramped my way up to
my current service (2GB dedicated RAM, 200MB disk, 2000GB transfer, <1:6
contention ratio, Debian Etch, Apache, MapServer, PostGIS, Ka-Map!, et
al).  This service runs me $125/month, and is more than sufficient for my
total monthly traffic which runs to only about total 10,000
visitors/100,000 hits.  (See for example my ZIP Code mapping site at
HipCodes(dot)com for a live example of MapServer/Ka-Map! running under a
VPS).  I would imagine that the provider you listed below should be
completely sufficient.


> Hello friends, I am looking for my ka-map application hosting , I'm using
> PostGIS, I have not much experience in this regard, I am thinking of a
> Virtual Private Server
> like this
> http://www.server4you.com/us/index.php for $69
> that I need to take a root account, but would like to know your opinion on
> the matter, with 1GB Ram will be sufficient for an application Mapserver /
> PostgreSQL / php?, The best option is a dedicated server?, Someone has
> experience with Mapserver in Virtual Private Servers? Thank you anr
> greetings from Ecuador.
> Javier Andres Garcia G.

Steve Walker
Middle Fork Geographic Information Services
walker at mfgis.com

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