[ka-Map-users] branching off the ka-map tile code?

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Sep 5 06:13:23 EDT 2008

Hi Sasha and Paul,

Sacha Black wrote:
> That sounds fine. One point about the client side - it does seem like
> the kaExplorer demo gives beginners a great all in one package
> (including reference maps, legend, querying, printing,etc). It would
> be nice if that package could live on somewhere too... though I
> understand if it is impractical for a legacy product that is no longer
> maintained. Is there an OL equivalent to kaExplorer?
no, there's not.

with Andrea, we've started, as mentioned before, a project to support 
Openlayers and the ka-map cache.
the idea is to create a ka-Map class (an Openlayers.class obj)  that 
initiate Openlayers. All other functions (navigation, even management, 
ecc.) are left to Openlayers.

the repo is temporarily here:
we have no problem to find a better place.

what we've tried to do:
- A ka-Map2 class that create an Openlayer instance (as thinner as 
- a kaLegend that supports Openlayers events.
- kaKeymap that supports Openlayers events.
- an updated kaExplorer that load the new lib.
- a Maps.php that return a JSON object with the list of maps from the 
- a Map.php that return the JSON object of the requested map or the 
default if none specified.
- openlayers is maintained as an external library and no code has been 
added to it.

al JS code is available here: 

al php code is  available here: 

kaExplorer live example is available here:
It needs a resize of the browser window to appear (a stupid bug, sorry). 
Many buttons are not  yet activated but navigation works.

a simple interface with the map switcher is available here:
some times you need to resize the window (stupid bug again, sorry) to 
see the map.
when you switch map, check Openlayer's layerswitcher to see the map has 
changed (both have same base layers)

kaLegend is at the beginning but on the road.

We have not much time to develop in this period and some help would be 
really appreciated.
there's no need of much code, mainly debugging

Paul, please, have a quick look at kaMap2.js:
if you think we are on the wrong way we can just stop.
I think an afternoon of your time could be enough to complete the job. ;-)


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