[ka-Map-users] query in ka-map with mapserver

王连波 happyforev1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 04:55:09 EST 2009

hello all,

 I want to query something from my map which is displayed through ka-map
from mapserver. However, the problem is I am not clear about how to use
query. Should I add QUERYMAP in my mapfile, or what is ITEMQUERY mean? I
have read the MapServer docs, but it is too little for me to understand. Is
there some examples or resources for me, thank you in advance.
 BTW, in ka-map there is a file named map_query_float.php. I read it and got
something, but I am not clear about that:
1、the "fields" I should add into my mapfile mean what?  Is it the queried
shape's attributes from the table where I store the shapes in my database,
or something  else?
2、If I want to query something (eg. population) of a city in a state, while
I just draw a box to select part of the city, can I get that city's
population or that just the cities which are totally selected in the box can
be queried? I hope someone can understand me and give me some hints.
3、this is a simple question: why I can not get the "if" sentences executed
with "if ($check_query == MS_SUCCESS)" , while it is ok with "if
($check_query == 1)"? (I had loaded PHP/MapScript module in my PHP script

Any help is appreciated.

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