[ka-Map-users] Customizing toolbar in kaExplorer

CHUNRIMACHUNRIMA chunrima at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 19 14:00:48 EST 2009

Hi all, 

Is there a way to get ride of one of toolbars in KaExplorer viewer. 

For example, I would like to remove "search tool" right next to "identify tool" shown in 

When I comment out the image (searchtool) in index.html like below
<!--<img id="toolSearch" onclick="switchService(this.id);" title="Search places in the database" alt="Search places in the database" src="images/a_pixel.gif" >-->
I couldn't be able to redraw the page. 

I also tried to comment out all related code in startUp.js, but it didn't work either. 

e.g) commented out the following code
        //getRawObject('toolSearch').style.backgroundImage = 'url(images/icon_set_explorer/tool_search_1.png)';
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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