[ka-Map-users] Ka-map performance issues

Bistrais, Bob Bob.Bistrais at maine.gov
Tue Jul 14 14:26:26 EST 2009

Are there any tips or tricks for improving the performance of Ka-Map?  

I have an application which consumes a WMS service, containing
orthoimagery.  I'd rather avoid pre-caching the imagery with ka-map,
because the disk space required is enormous (26GB just for 1:12000
scale).  But by consuming the imagery directly (not cached), the
performance is too slow for our needs.  Other platforms, such as Quantum
GIS, can consume the imagery with far better performance and no pre
caching involved.

Incidentally, the orthoimagery WMS service is provided through MapServer
as well.

Can anyone provide any advice on improving performance with Ka-Map and
MapServer, other than pre-caching tiles?

Bob Bistrais, GISP
Maine Office of Information Technology
ADAM Group

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