[ka-Map-users] connection between shapefile and postgresql-data with a kamap-mouseclick

Regine Weber weber.regine82 at gmx.de
Sun Mar 15 03:44:43 EST 2009


once again a question about the connection between a database (now in
postgresql) and kamap. In my case the geometry data of the query layer is a
shapefile with the geometry and a specific number (one per item) called 
tier" - this file has nothing to do with postgresql. With a mapfile and
kamap I created a map out of these shapefile where I can query the item 
tier". Now I want to click on an item in this queryable maplayer and with
the specific number I want to connect to more information data in an
postgresql database table where the column "tier" also excists. Could this
work? If yes, where do I have to change which functions, rename variables,
add something or do something else? (Please send me as much details as
possible when describing what to do.)

Thank you very much for helping!!!



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