[ka-Map-users] problem: my map is not shown in ka-map

Marisol Flores Castro marisol at ciencias.unam.mx
Wed Dec 8 13:22:55 EST 2010

Hello everybody, I am a new ka-map user and I'm trying to test it with my
maps, but I have a problem, my map is not shown in the ka-explorer. I modify
the lines in config in order to point out to my map but when I launch ka-map
it doesn't appear it is just a frame in white. I tried with the init.php and
it shows the next:
*init*/aszScales=new Array('100000000','50000000','15000000');var map = new
_layer( {
new Array('1','1','1')}));map.resolution = 72;this.addMap( map
);this.tileWidth=256;this.tileHeight=256;this.server = '
http://localhost/ka-map/';this.tileURL =

Also when I put the line "
http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=/var/www/ka-map/map_files/global.map "
directly on the web address my map appears correctly, so I don't know why
ka-map doesn't recognise any simple map.

I hope somebody can helpe me. I am using ubuntu 10.04 with MapServer 5.6.1,
ka-map-1.0-20070205, php5, mapscript and gd libraries are installed.

Thanks in advance.
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