[ka-Map-users] Dynamic Map file

Deepa Thulasidasan deepatulsidasan at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 25 01:04:13 EST 2010

Dear members,

I am facing a problem as described below, hope some one can help.

I have around 20 layers(shp format) in my data folder. I want to create 5 maps where 15 out of this 20 are always used and one additional layers is added to make it different. Again I create another  map using the same 15 layers and another layer to make it different from the one already created. Since this files are created with different names these are all stored in different folder under kcache directory. In this way it consumes lot of space to create different maps. I would like to know can I dynamically create a map depending on some input parameter so that I have only one map file.


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