[ka-Map-users] How to include rater file along with shape file.

Deepa Thulasidasan deepatulsidasan at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 2 23:54:36 EST 2010

Dear All,

I have a raster file (.tif ) file, I want to create a .map file which includs this (.tif) files and also some shape file. How to achieve this? I have seen the example of gmap75 but I was not able to add shape files on top of the raster image. Also for this raster image I don't have associated .tfw file. Is this file mandatory? If so how to create this file.

The raster file (.tif) file is a geotiff file and also it has another .txt file which tells about its UL,UR LL,LR lat long values and also its  UL,UR LL,LR Mapx Mapy. Can this file be used to create .tfw?

Awaiting for a positive response.

Thanx and Regards

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