[ka-Map-users] How to include rater file along with shape file.

mani2604 mani2604 at gmail.com
Wed May 5 05:00:09 EST 2010

    I jus wanted to say upfront that I am not a ka-map user except that i've
checked it out once.

so regarding the .tfw format u wer referring to; the thing is a world
file(.wld) is created when u georeference/assign projection to raster layers
be it the jpeg,png,tiff which can be duly overlayed over the base map, Well
there may be other methods to perform this but I do use QuantamGIS for this
purpose. Its simple to install and use.. 
http://linfiniti.com/downloads/QGIS-1.4.0-1-No-GrassSetup.exe Get QuantamGIS
here .  a screenshot is attached below 

            abt the other thing may be the overlay failed due to difference
in projection, i am not sure.. U shud have attached the mapfile, just in
case.. anyways Quantamgis could solve this problem too.. Once u've got the
qgis u cud add all the vector layers, raster layers(georeferenced ones) and
save it as qgis project. Next thing is the Mapserver Export plugin , which
i'm sure u r gonna like it. Jus input the qgis file and the .map file is
readily served. all u need to do is minor changes and the paths.. 
Another screenshot showcasing base shape file & 2 transparent raster layers
with mapserver export plugin.


http://old.nabble.com/file/p28458882/world%2Bfile.JPG world file.JPG 
http://old.nabble.com/file/p28458882/mapserver%2Bexport.JPG mapserver
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