[ka-Map-users] Problems with config.php with very maps

Antonio García angarben at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 18 13:34:12 EST 2014

I'm Antonio García from Bétera, Valencia (Spain).
I'm working with KA-MAP from 2007 and I am very happy with my project. 
But actually my project is very big. I have more than 33 maps.When I run my project, the user only can see the maps if the user have privileges,  and it's beautifull.I have 8 free maps and 33 total maps.
Then the project is less run if i have 33 maps in the config.php file.And the map get load in 40 seconds.If i have 15 maps in the config.php file it run in 20 seconds and  If i have only 1-2 maps it run in 7 seconds. It's the best.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------I have 33 maps in the file config.php 
$aszMapFiles = array( 'gmap' => $aszGCallejero, 'gmap1' => $mapa1, 'gmap2' => $mapa2,...'gmap33' => $mapa33,
It run in 40 seconds on load the map and the legend.Can you see it:
http://sig.betera.es/visor------------------------------------------------------------------------If the variable $aszMapFiles have 15 gmaps the KAMAP run in 20 seconds.
$aszMapFiles = array( 'gmap' => $aszGCallejero, 'gmap1' => $mapa1, 'gmap2' => $mapa2,...'gmap15' => $mapa15,
Can you see it:
http://sig.betera.es/visor102------------------------------------------------------------------------And If i have one o two maps on the file config.php It's load very fast in 7 seconds.
$aszMapFiles = array( 'gmap' => $aszGCallejero,  Can you see it:
http://sig.betera.es/visor1---------------------------------------------------------------------------Can you help me?I think that kamap only must read the variable maps but only work with the current map.
I don't know that can i do for save the project with a lot of maps. I would like get any help.
Thanks.------------------------------------Antonio García BenllochIngeniero Técnico en TopografíaIngeniero en Geodesia y Cartografíahttp://sig.betera.es@: angarben at hotmail.comTelf: 658081447
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