[Maplab-dev] [Bug 267] Font for labels is not applied for all classes
Fri, 5 Mar 2004 14:14:13 -0500 changed:

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------- Additional Comments From  2004-03-05 14:14 -------
Bart ... I think this is a limitation of SLD ... there is no way to know what
fonts the remote server supports.  MapServer (when acting as a WMS Server) will
try to match the font to one in its font file and will always fall back on
bitmap fonts ... which is why you always see the same font no matter what you

One of the problems is the MapServer does not use the native operating system to
retrieve fonts ... which is what applications do.  Every font registers certain
characteristics with the font management system, and then when an application
requests a font, the font manager tries to get the closest matching font.  If
mapserver was doing things right then it would use the font information coming
from the SLD request to get the closest matching font from the font manager. 
But it doesn't.

Our choice of names is arbitrary ... but kind of matches a set of font
characteristics that we think could be useful ... so any wms server could try to
match up sans-oblique to some local font in a server-specific way.  With that in
mind, it would be most useful if every MapServer WMS included a font file that
defined the basic fonts that we have included (ours point to Vera, a newly
open-sourced font from Bitstream - v.nice :))

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