[Maplab-dev] [Bug 267] Font for labels is not applied for all classes
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Sorry to be a pain... I'll reopen...

You write that MapServer "... will try to match the font to one in its font file
and will always fall back on bitmap fonts...".  Is this behavior coded in SECT
or in MapServer?

I think that instead of using bitmap fonts as the default, there should be a
possibility for the person setting up the server to control the default font. 
e.g. If no match is found in the list of fonts, then it looks for a font called
"default", and if "default" is not found then it falls back on the bitmap fonts.

This is the way fonts (and symbols) are matched by the STYLEITEM AUTO feature
for instance. 

Excerpt from the OGR HOWTO:
 Text font mapping follows the following rules:

  1. If TTF fonts are supported:
     a. If the native font name (e.g. "Arial") is found in your fontset 
        then this font will be used.
     b. If 1a. failed and a font called "default" is present in your 
        fontset then this "default" font will be used. 
  2. If TTF fonts are not supported or if all above cases failed, then 
     BITMAP MEDIUM font will be used. 

If this font matching behavior is coded in MapServer then please someone open a
corresponding MapServer bug and put a reference to it here. It will also be
important to have all those behaviors properly documented.

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